Winding Road

The Winding Road

This morning I woke up to the realization that I had been asked to give a short talk about myself at the staff meeting this morning and I had no idea what I was going to say. All it needed to be was a two minute introduction of myself and my goals here. All of…


Goals Revisited

Hello. I’m back. I’m alive. Super condensed weekend recap: Walked along the Thames at night Alfie’s Antique Market Camden Market Harrod’s For those at home that don’t know what these things mean you can consult Google for more info. Monday Off to work again. Today I edited in the morning and researched in the afternoon. The…


Do Ghosts Use Twitter?

This morning I flaunted my new Oyster card around as if it were solid gold. Being able to ride on the tube again without paying £4.80 for a single trip was a great feeling. At work our next task will be to interview one of our co-workers about a talk she gave at a recent…

Picture at Tate Modern Art Museum

Tobias Tapas Tussle

By the end of work today I had fifteen tabs open in Google chrome, three word documents, one excel file, and three audacity projects open all at once. The three of us interns have more or less settled into the groove of the work day now. After work we had to attend an orientation put on…


Walking to Work

I walked to work today since I still had no Oyster card. It took about an hour, but it allowed me to see some of the sight I’ve been missing when traveling underground in the tube. I took my breakfast with me, porridge in hand and banana in pocket. I’m enjoying the stresses of work….

Painting at Tate Modern Art Museum

Monday Mish Mash

It’s late Monday night and my brain is fried. It is a veritable scrambled egg of itself, whisked furiously until it spilled disgracefully out of the bowl onto the floor. I’m writing this immediately after finishing writing about Cambridge. Now I’m wondering why I ever committed to writing that weekend down. The weekends aren’t even…


The Oyster was My World

Below is the epic tale of Cambridge. I call it epic only because it’s really long. Seriously, if you have short attention span you might just want to skip this one. I promise I’ll never write a post this long again. It took way too much time. Some will say Cambridge was a mess. I…

Top Secret Comedy Club

Top Secret

The newness of everything is starting to wear off on me now. Just in time for me to dive into some work. Today the three of us working at Tobias & Tobias went to a conference and listened to two speakers talk. We took notes. I scribbled furiously unsure if I was even capturing the…

t and t

Tobias & Tobias

After class today I had the first opportunity to meet with Tobias & Tobias, the company that I will be interning with for the next five weeks. Sarah, Erin, and I met Jeff at the Barbican tube station at 12:45 and walked with him to the Laser House building. Yeah, that’s right, I’m working at…

Picture at Tate Modern Art Museum

Tate Tuesday

Today we visited the Tate Modern Museum and were given the task of seeking out our favorite art piece. I decided on this one. However I was also very tempted to choose this one as my favorite. Then later that night at 6 pm we had our MSU Alumni and student event. It was great…