A Scene From Dublin

I looked into her eyes. They were so deep. I’m sure there was an end to them somewhere, but I could not see it. I ignored the reflection of myself in her pupils and instead was drawn into the intertwining shades of brown and amber forming a complex web of natural beauty that mirrored the vastness of the cosmos. I was lost; transported to somewhere outside my own mind. She brought her face up close to mine and I felt her wet nose touch my cheek. She was a very pretty dog.

We found her wandering in between two cars on Kilarney Street in Dublin with no collar and her tail between her legs. We knelt down in front of her and almost immediately she warmed up to us. We could tell she was used to human contact. This fact, along with her strong white teeth, told us that she couldn’t have been a stray for too long. However she was very dirty and shedding her chocolate brown fur like crazy along with some dandruff.


A woman across the street came out in her robe and we saw her look over with concern. We asked if she knew the dog. She informed us that she’d never seen this dog before. She called two shelters which were both closed for the weekend, but a veterinarian’s office was open and she said she would take the dog there. She also brought out water and food for the dog while we waited for her son-in-law to get his car.

We sat with our new canine companion who hesitantly drank from the water bowl. She wouldn’t however eat any food. When the son-in-law had brought the car around we coaxed the dog in and waved goodbye.

Article by Mike Brichta

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