BBC and Club

When I got back to Regent’s after work on Thursday it seemed oddly empty. I hardly saw anyone even outside or in the cafeteria. That was kind of strange. After eating I went to my room and finished reading my book.

After this I was sick of sitting in my room so I got up to go walk outside. Then I ran into Sarah who was about to do the same thing. So we walked around to see what we could see.

We actually ended up finding the BBC building. There were some barricades in front, but there was an opening at one point and we saw people walking through it. We followed suit and went through. On the inside we were able to see from above into the area where all the employees sat. As Sarah described it, it looked like something out of The Wolf of Wallstreet with desks and screens everywhere and people running about. We tried to get a closer view of this through a set of revolving doors but that part was unfortunately closed to the public and we were stopped by one of their security employees. It was worth a shot.

Then we went back to Baker Street to get a drink at the Volunteer. Eventually Charlie joined us there as well. Then Chloe, Sydney, and Caroline came by because they were meeting up with some British guy that Chloe had met. Charlie and I decided to join.

Long story short we ended up in some horrible club that was loud, sweaty, and cost way too much. We all still had fun though showing off our very different dance moves. An interesting an fun night.

Article by Mike Brichta

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