Study a Bored?

One of the early themes I picked up on during this study abroad is that there are many themes to be picked up on through the recurring connections we make in different areas of our lives. Moving on from that redundant and circular sentence, I’d like to make note of another recurring theme that I’ve…


A Scene From Dublin

I looked into her eyes. They were so deep. I’m sure there was an end to them somewhere, but I could not see it. I ignored the reflection of myself in her pupils and instead was drawn into the intertwining shades of brown and amber forming a complex web of natural beauty that mirrored the…


Eatin’ Up This Work

I’ve started to fall into the rhythm of work now. I have things to do and if I ever don’t I can just turn to someone and ask what they’re working on and usually they’re happy to let me help. It looks as if I’ll have accumulated much more work by the end of this…


I Thought Cricket was an Insect

I tried to learn how cricket works today. My co-worker had the match on one of his computer screens. I think I have a very basic understanding now, but there’s still a lot I don’t quite get. The presentation I’ve been helping to prepare is almost complete. I’m preparing to go to Dublin this weekend….


BRB, Flying to Kansas

At the end of it all, what is it we’re expected to have learned from this study abroad? That’s one of the main questions we are supposed to answer in the experience report that we’re required to write when we get back home. The syllabus for this assignment lists several questions we might answer based on…

Card Sort

Is This Your Card?

Monday came around again as it always does. It was a bit gloomier and windier today than it had been recently, but after a weekend in Spain’s scalding sun I gladly welcomed the more chill weather. Sarah and I were still tasked with creating the video we had started last week. As soon as we…


No Time to Waste

All day was spent on making a video to represent our company to a client. The goal was to finish it by the end of the day. This was a huge struggle because, for me, the work I do gets better and better the more time I have to do it. Once I commit to…


Riding the Wave

Charlie really likes waving at people in a ridiculous manner to intentionally embarrass them. He sticks his arm straight up into the air and then flops his hand around like a fish out of water. He was doing it this morning at breakfast. He explained he does this when he knows he won’t see any…