Farewell Weekend and Greenwich

Weekend Update

My last weekend in London was both relaxing and packed. I was able to sleep in and not have the stress of catching a flight like the last two weekends and I also had time to do a lot around the city.

Friday morning I got up and went for a run in the park. Afterwards I went to the Portabello market which had a lot of antiques and old clothing. Later that day we ate at Pizza Express one last time (unfortunately the stack of coupons we’d been saving weren’t accepted on Fridays). Then a few of us chilled in the courtyard for a while and talked about PooPourri¬†and conspiracy theories.

On Saturday some of us went to Covent Garden to shop and see some street performers. We also went to Wahaca which had great Mexican food. Later that day we also paid a visit to the motorist’s most hated crosswalk, Abbey Road, and took plenty of pictures.

The classic pose
A little less graceful as angered motorists draw near


On Sunday I walked to Camden Market to have a look around. I also tried a cronut there which is a cross between a donut and a croissant. It Had chocolate and marshmallow on top and Nutella filling on the inside.

The bridge into the heart of Camden Market
Taking in the Market

The cronut was delicious, however I almost wished I had saved more room in my stomach because I went straight from there to meet Emilie (One of the MSU faculty members helping at Regents) and four others from our group for lunch at Las Iguanas. Since this was a group dinner included in our program and Emilie encouraged us to go all out since there was still a lot left in MSU’s budget. We orded several plates of tapas including nachos and calamari as well as main dishes and desserts. It was incredible.

My Brazilian dish called Ximxin (Chicken and prawns braised in coconut milk)
My Brazilian dish called Ximxin (Chicken and prawns braised in coconut milk)

After that Charlie, Claire, and I walked around the south bank area before heading back. On the tube ride back Claire mentioned she still hadn’t seen the Buckingham Palace and I realized I hadn’t either, so we jumped off at the next stop and walked through Hyde Park to check it out. We didn’t go at the right time to see the changing of the guards, but it was still a great sight. There were two soldiers on the other side of the gate way back against the palace walls. I’m sure they couldn’t see me, but I still did my best to make faces at them.

Buckingham Palace
Guard-Bot 9000
Making faces at the guard


Today work went by very fast. After work Sarah, Erin, and I impulsively decided to head over to Greenwich because why not?

We were originally going to take a boat but instead we found the Emirates Airline which takes you in a private compartment above the water kind of like a giant ski lift. It was even cheaper, was a great view, and Sarah even said it was better than the London Eye.

The airline thing (at least I think that’s what it’s called)
Going up
Great view on a gloomy day

When we reached the other side we were a little to disappointed that there really wasn’t much there, at least not within walking distance. That’s probably why everyone we talked to had told us to take the boat because the airline didn’t really lead anywhere interesting. We were still happy for the ride though and looked out at the Thames for a bit before deciding we were too hungry to explore any longer.

The funniest part of this trip though happened right when we got off the airline and Sarah and I were posing on a jet engine that people can take pictures with. That was the moment my water bottle decided to jump out of my backpack and over the glass barrier in the front of the jet engine.

There go
There it goes…and there I go…


No I didn’t fall all the way in and yes I did successfully retrieve my trusty Rubbermaid. All photo cred goes to Erin.

On the way back we grabbed some Gourmet Burger Kitchen to go. The bacon avocado burger was delicious, but I still can’t wait to come home and get a Miller’s burger. It’s been way too long.




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