First Flight

Flight #1

I was looking forward to flying on a plane again, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy staring out the window. I haven’t flown since I was five years old. It was like a free form roller coaster. Completely off the rails!

When we were still on the ground and the plane first started to move I wanted to make the joke that “I really thought it would go up higher than this, but this is still pretty nice” but I unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to say that to.

When we finally broke through my butts I stared down expecting to see some dude down there playing the harp.  For the entire take off process my face was glued to the window. For that moment I was marveling at the miracle of flight like a caveman seeing fire for the first time.

I’m not just trying to play this up, I was really genuinely excited to be looking out the window. Then I glanced around the rest of the plane and everyone else is just sleeping. What the heck? I was almost offended that they weren’t as endlessly fascinated as I was.

As the hour long flight passed by I started to think how looking out the window was a lot like watching tv. My butts are like the commercials. There’s a few funny ones, but mostly it’s boring. Then when it clears up and you can see land again the show’s back on!

Flight #2 (The Bullet Points)

  • No widow seat
  • Couldn’t sleep
  • Watched Whiplash which was a good movie
  • Finally fell asleep for 30 minutes then was woken for breakfast
  • Spent an hour and a half searching for my checked bag
  • They lost my checked bag and I was told in a heavy Indian accent that it would be sent to Regent’s University tomorrow


Article by Mike Brichta

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