I Thought Cricket was an Insect

I tried to learn how cricket works today. My co-worker had the match on one of his computer screens. I think I have a very basic understanding now, but there’s still a lot I don’t quite get.

The presentation I’ve been helping to prepare is almost complete. I’m preparing to go to Dublin this weekend. There’s also a strike happening that will put the tube out of service tonight and tomorrow, so I may have to do some walking again.

I apologize that this post is lacking. It’s really hard to think of good ideas consistently, but it’s not hard to consistently think of bad ones. It’s my theory that if you stick to consistently putting out ideas, even if there are many bad ones, eventually one will be good. Hopefully very good.

If I only wrote when good ideas came to me I’d hardly ever write anything and even if I managed to start writing something I’d definitely never finish it. In many cases, writing especially, there is a need for a constant output of poor work in order to increase the chance of something good finally emerging.


Article by Mike Brichta

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