Is This Your Card?

Monday came around again as it always does. It was a bit gloomier and windier today than it had been recently, but after a weekend in Spain’s scalding sun I gladly welcomed the more chill weather.

Sarah and I were still tasked with creating the video we had started last week. As soon as we got to Tobias we entered the home stretch and put on the finishing touches before the deadline at eleven. We completed it just in time and, with approval, it was sent out with the rest of the tender document to our potential client. Checkmate.

In the afternoon we had an office meeting that consisted of a mini workshop. The goal of the workshop was to write on post-it notes what we thought were skills and strengths that were relevant to our workplace. Once everyone had written some of these down, we put them all up on a board and began sorting them into categories.

After we had done this we wrote down on different colored post-it notes what skills we thought our workplace was lacking or could use more of. We then sorted these in the same way. Then each person individually rated themselves in several of these categories on a separate form. The eventual outcome of this exercise would be data describing the cross-over between which categories certain people were strong in and which categories certain people were weak in. This would make it easier for people to learn from each other by knowing who is most experienced in each category.

In the UX field this kind of exercise is known as a card sort. It’s often used when designing websites to determine which navigational categories to display on a certain web page. Taking part of this interactive card sort was probably the best part of the day. Especially when one of the suggestions for what our workplace needed was “youth”. And no, I did not actually write that one.

Article by Mike Brichta

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