Looking Back

Well, here I am. Seven weeks later and I’m finally heading back home. I’m excited to return, but I also don’t want to leave. Unfortunately, without the powers of immortality or teleportation I’ll never have enough time to see and do everything I’d like to.

I did, however, manage to see and do quite a lot from Oxford, Cambridge, Greenwich and much more in England, to places I never even expected to go like Madrid and Dublin.

Reflecting back on my original fear of not being able to enjoy things in the present, I’ve realized a few things. First of all, Trying to enjoy a moment ironically takes much of the enjoyment out of it. The hands of time are not very fun to hold. They are, however, very fun to ignore for a second and then look back at, only to realize that that second has actually been hours.

Secondly, no matter how much you manage to ‘live in the present’ there will always still be things that will pass you by. You never know what these things might be; things people said that you didn’t quite hear, a great view that was just around a corner that one time you decided to turn left instead of right because you had a sudden craving for ice cream, or even ghosts floating unseen right in front of you because you just don’t have the organ that would allow you to sense them. But of all the things that inevitably pass us by, time will always be one of these things. Eventually, each phase of life must come to an end and by the time this happens it’s too late to wonder and worry whether or not you were able to seize every day. It’s nice to be able to look back at the journey and appreciate it for what it was, but clinging to it will get me nowhere new.

However, I have learned so much while I was here, about writing, about working, and about myself. Much of this has been documented in my daily journals and I also expect this to be the main focus of the experience report I will soon write. The writing itself will serve as an invaluable reminder of what I learned, but it was the actual first-hand experiences I had, now ingrained as part of who I am, that will have the biggest impact in determining the choices I make and the shape of the path I take.

Thank you to my parents, Jeff, Tobias & Tobias, and everyone who made this trip possible.


I plan to transition this website into more of an online portfolio soon. These posts will be archived in a separate category on the site. If you liked any of this then stay tuned for future projects.



Article by Mike Brichta

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