Monday Mish Mash

It’s late Monday night and my brain is fried. It is a veritable scrambled egg of itself, whisked furiously until it spilled disgracefully out of the bowl onto the floor.

I’m writing this immediately after finishing writing about Cambridge. Now I’m wondering why I ever committed to writing that weekend down. The weekends aren’t even part of our daily journal assignment for class.┬áIt still has spacing issues between the paragraphs but I’ll have to fix that later.

So this entry won’t be too long. Instead I’ll just make it a quick mish mash of whatever I can pull out of my head right now.

I bought a notebook recently. A nice hardcover pocket moleskine. It’s much more fun to take notes in than my phone. I can also draw sketches in it if I want.

I also got my lost luggage back. That actually happened a while ago. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that here.

Work was stressful today only because of how many things were going on at once. We’ve been given so many projects all at once that I barely had time to sort through the sixteen tabs open on my computer screen and figure out how to start each one. This is good though. I like having work to do.

I also got to make a podcast at work today. They even had a Blue Snowball microphone which I already use at home to record things. I’m very comfortable editing audio so I was very glad to be given the freedom to work in this medium. They said they will even post it on their blog soon.

Now I will go to sleep and wake up tomorrow refreshed.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow refreshed I will enter a caffeine crazed frenzy until I can make it back to Regent’s at which point a nap may be in order.

Article by Mike Brichta

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