Museum Observations

I woke up this morning to some pigeon-like noises outside my window. Is it “cooing”? Is that what they do? Anyway I then I laced up my shoes and went for a run in Regent’s Park. Regent’s park surrounds the entire campus and is quite big. I only stayed in the the area closest to the university which is looks magnificent. There’s a small boating lake that extends into the area, multiple bridges, a small waterfall, an outdoor theater, lots of different kinds of birds, and shrubbery galore. I had to keep to a slow jog just so I could take it all in.

After showering and drying off with two small face towels (because again, lost luggage) I got breakfast. Then we had our first class where we began discussing our readings about the creative process. After class I contacted the airline about my lost bag again. They’re looking for it…

Jeff then instructed our group to meet him at the British Museum at 1:00. We made a plan to leave at noon with the idea of grabbing a quick lunch on the way. That didn’t quite happen however when the 30 minute walk we expected turned out to be a bit further than 30 minutes away as well as some minor rerouting issues.

Once at the museum most of split up and went off on our own to explore. Jeff asked us to observe and take notes on what we noticed.
When I entered I went straight for the Rosetta Stone. I had to please the small part of me that always wanted to be an archaeologist. After staring at it for a while with an imaginary Indiana Jones hat on I moved around to explore other parts of the museum.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone


I observed all different kinds of people in the museum. There was far from one demographic. There were people of all ages and races and I definitely heard a few different languages being spoken. There was a group of school children with papers in their hands doing some kind of scavenger hunt, a group of people on a tour with headphones on, and many people who appeared to be tourists.

It was almost impossible to look any where without seeing someone taking a picture of something. Cell phones were being held up all over. I found it interesting that we’ve almost all accepted cell phones as being a primary picture taking device, although there were a fewer older people using digital cameras, however even they have moved past film.

I took a moment to appreciate this line of creative geniuses who have been reduced to four head-shaped, well-crafted hunks of marble.

Socrates, Antisthenes, Chrysippos, and Epikouros

They all looked very angry to me. I think that may have something to do with the lack of pupils carved into there eyes as seen in this close up of Chrysippos.

He looks pissed
He looks pissed

My last observation took place in the gift shop. I wanted to look in the gift shop to see which of the art pieces were devoted the most attention commercially. The Rosetta Stone was by far given the most attention in the gift shop. There were Rosetta Stone magnets, mugs, shirts, wooden post cards, cell phone cases, watches, paper weights, chocolate, and more. The Rosetta Stone itself was very popular with a large crowd near it at all times so I would say the gift shop’s values were in line with the public interest.

After the museum Jeff once again took off. We decided it was much too early to head back so after getting a late lunch we visited the Tower Bridge and the surrounding area and found a bar on the roof of a building on the Thames called The Upper Deck. Unfortunately it was closed, but we plan to return to it in the future.

We ended the day at a pub near Baker Street where I had my first British fish and chips and a pint of beer.

Poor quality pic
Poor quality pic

Also, I finally bought a towel so that’s good.


Article by Mike Brichta

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