My Farewell to Tobias

On our last day of work at Tobias & Tobias we were each asked to give a short presentation about our time there. Unfortunately the time to present got away from us and I didn’t get a chance to share this with the office, but here is what I would’ve said complete with the visual aid as pictured above.

As I sat in my chair thinking about what I would present this morning I looked around the office for inspiration. That’s when my eyes landed upon this dinosaur at Ofer’s desk, and I thought, well, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? And the next best thing of course is a good analogy, so I thought why not try to combine both? I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but bear with me.

When I first came to this country the scope of my perception was very narrow, much like the pea brain inside this dinosaur’s skull, but then Tobias & Tobias came in like a flaming meteor with a glowing light that illuminated my worldview and enlightened me. This meteor however, led not to my extinction, but rather to my evolution.

Before, like the tiny arms of this dinosaur, I could not grasp all that was before me. Once I came overseas there was suddenly so much within reach. I could easily travel to Madrid or Dublin for the weekend, and I did. I learned a lot about myself through the stresses and the successes of travel.

A huge part of my learning, however, happened right here in this office. T&T helped me to evolve the way I think about work, about writing, and about life.

As we all know, dinosaurs are also known for working together and looking out for each other, well at least for the sake of this metaphor I’m going assume that this is true. Ofer was always there to challenge us to think differently about the projects we were working on, Hanna was always available to give daily guidance, Woody showed us around to the various markets at lunch, and everyone in the office was always friendly and easy to work with.

Making a further assumption about this dinosaur, I’m going to say that he was an omnivore, eating both plants and meat. Like this dinosaur, I also got to be a bit of an omnivore, sampling many different kinds of tasks around the office. I got to make a podcast and a video and I also got to work with others on presentations, case studies, and a blog post, and of course I ate the ice cream, croissants, and cake as well.

Like this dinosaur’s sharp teeth, all these projects helped to sharpen my skills that I can now bring with me back to school and eventually my career.

This dinosaur’s tail does however come to an end and, unfortunately, my tale here is also coming to its end. I am so grateful to all of you for giving me the chance to work with such a friendly and talented group of people. I’m definitely going to miss London and working here at Tobias & Tobias. Thank you everyone!

Article by Mike Brichta

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