Study Buddy App

Study Buddy was an app that I worked on as the main project for my Information Design class. We were tasked with designing an app that could help solve a current social issue. My group chose to design an app called Study Buddy which would simplify the process of finding like-minded peers to study with in college classes. What follows are three of the deliverables that resulted from this project.

The first is a press release that gives a brief overview of the app and explains it to a general audience.

The second is the functional specification document that describes everything about how the app would function. It covers all the choices we made based on our research and includes a few mock ups and diagrams to help the reader visualize what the final product might look like.

Finally, the third document on this page is the PowerPoint of the final presentation we gave to a room full of professors, classmates, and industry experts.

Study Buddy Press Release

Study Buddy Functional Specification

Study Buddy Final Presentation


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