Riding the Wave

Charlie really likes waving at people in a ridiculous manner to intentionally embarrass them. He sticks his arm straight up into the air and then flops his hand around like a fish out of water. He was doing it this morning at breakfast. He explained he does this when he knows he won’t see any of the people around him again, for example at a random store he won’t visit again. I thought this was hilarious.

However, with the recent influx of about thirty more MSU students from other programs coming to Regent’s, it’s starting to feel a lot more like the dorms in East Lansing. I even recognized someone from one of my Spanish classes. The bathroom is more crowded, the hallways are louder, and people stay up late yelling just outside our window.

Now I know how the native students must feel about Americans. I kind of wish they would leave.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow Spartans, but I’ve really come to like Regent’s for the very reason that it’s so different than what I’m used to at MSU. I’ve really enjoyed the newness and change of pace. It also reminded me why I’m grateful we have such a small group. With a group of our size it’s easier for us to define our own identities and get to know each other as more than just people who all happen to call themselves Spartans.

Now I just really want to stick my arm up and wave at the other students here like a crazy person. Then, one day back on campus in East Lansing, they’ll see me somewhere and think, “What the hell? That looks like that crazy guy from Regent’s who waved really weirdly at us. Is that him? No, that can’t be right…but I think it is…”

And they’ll never know…

Article by Mike Brichta

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