Today we were asked once again to meet Jeff at a museum and make some more observations to compare with what we saw yesterday. After our morning class we ventured by the tube to the Natural History Museum. From there we split up and half of went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and half of us went us went to the Science Museum.

Science Museum
The Science Museum

I decided to go to the Science Museum. It had a very eclectic assortment of items on display. I initially gravitated toward the space exhibit. The transition from the previous room was immediately noticeable. The space exhibit was much darker which gave it a much colder space-like vibe. Rockets hung from the ceiling as if in flight.

The crowd inside was much younger than the crowd I saw at the British Museum yesterday. There was also a lot more jumping around from piece to piece than at the British Museum where people would generally spend a bit more time with each area. The Science Museum was also a lot louder overall. It felt more like a playfully creative space rather than the more studious artsy feel of the the British Museum. Both places however still had many pictures being taken.

After the Museums some of us went to lunch at a small cafe. We sat outside in the open. It was already 3:00 but I said what the heck I’m having a Belgian waffle. Expecting to receive an enormous waffle I was a bit surprised when it arrived and was only about the size of my fist. I guess America and Britain have different ideas of what “Belgian” means in the context of waffles. But it was ┬ádelicious none-the-less, especially after I slathered it in the melted chocolate that they gave me in a miniature pitcher.

Where we ate lunch outdoors
Where we ate lunch outdoors
This ain't no Waffle House
This ain’t no Waffle House

Then we visited Hyde’s Park for a bit before heading back to Baker Street for pizza.

Pizza and Beer because this is still college afterall
Pizza and beer, because this is still college after all

Also we almost took the wrong train once…but we didn’t because we know what were doing. The doors didn’t quite close on us. We made it out in time. Seriously it was like an action movie. Minus the explosion. It was really cool.

Article by Mike Brichta

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