The Winding Road

This morning I woke up to the realization that I had been asked to give a short talk about myself at the staff meeting this morning and I had no idea what I was going to say. All it needed to be was a two minute introduction of myself and my goals here. All of the interns were asked to do this.

I went last and ended up saying some stuff about Harry Potter because who doesn’t love Harry Potter? First grade me sure did. First grade me also thought Hermione was pronounced Hermy-wun and that being expelled was some kind of actual spell that forced you out of Hogwarts.

In our talks, a common theme that came up for all three of us interns was that we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to do yet career wise. However this doesn’t worry me as much as it used to. It’s not necessarily a good thing but, on the other hand, I’ve heard so many stories recently from people in similar fields who had long winding paths, jumping around in different jobs, before eventually finding the place that was their perfect fit. My co-worker Nik even told me today about his brother who had many different writing jobs before finally landing a gig as a travel writer. He has a website called On Another Plane and he gets to travel all over the world and loves what he does.

I’m excited for a winding path of my own. That’s why I went on this trip. I knew I needed new experiences to draw from, whether those experiences are travel or work related, because I’ve had so few interesting things happen to me. Although, the real key I think, is not necessarily leading an interesting life, but being good at making the boring things seem more interesting. In other words, being a good story teller.

So that’s one skill I’d like to sharpen on this trip.


The other important thing I’m trying to keep in mind is that I want to be able to pull from the experiences of this trip in other areas of my life. If my brain is a giant bucket of thoughts and ideas I want to add these experiences to this bucket. By writing some of it down I ensure that it will stay fresh in my mind, right at the top of my head. This will make it easier to draw connections from these experiences to anywhere else that similar ideas could be applied. These connections could occur anywhere; future jobs, personal relationships, everyday life. I can’t know exactly how my present experiences will impact my future, but I know that I need to pay attention, stay mindful and present, and keep my eyes and ears open so I can be ready to make those connections when they show up.

Article by Mike Brichta

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