Top Secret

The newness of everything is starting to wear off on me now. Just in time for me to dive into some work.

Today the three of us working at Tobias & Tobias went to a conference and listened to two speakers talk. We took notes. I scribbled furiously unsure if I was even capturing the most valuable points. At the end of the two talks however I felt like I had a much better understanding of how the worlds of technology and insurance interact with each other.

Then we walked from the conference back to the offices of T & T to start out our first official work day. We began with the task of creating three deliverables based on the information we learned from the conference today. I started writing up some of the ideas I learned about in the areas of digitization and the Internet of Things.

I really felt good about this¬†project today because I actually felt really invested in what I was working on and I was genuinely interested in the subjects I was researching. I’m even more excited to start working on some of the other projects that they’ve hinted at for us.

In the evening we met up with the rest of our study abroad group and went to a place called the Top Secret Comedy Club. I was really surprised when one of the first things I heard when I walked in was a comedian at the mic saying something about the Internet of Things which I hadn’t even heard of before today and literally just spent all afternoon writing about.

A few of us sat in the front row with the hopes of being called out on. On of the comedians asked if there were Americans and we raised our hands. The first thing she said was, “Do you know what state you’re from?”

Classic dumb American jab. We were all laughing so hard we almost couldn’t answer her.

No work or class tomorrow. Cambridge on Saturday and Sunday.


Article by Mike Brichta

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